High Quality Bobbi Brown Cosmetics

Born on April 14, 1957, Bobbi Brown became interested in cosmetics when she found her mothers makeup collection at an early age. This passion led Bobbi to Boston where she graduated with a theatrical makeup degree from Emerson College. Brown found work as a professional makeup artist after she relocated to New York City in the 1980’s. She became frustrated because the makeup on the market was overdone, garish, and loud and she wanted a more flattering product. Brown ran into a chemist while she was at a magazine photo shoot and this meeting changed her life. She achieved her dream of developing a flattering lipstick called Brown Lip Color and soon after, nine other lipstick shades that were brown based followed. When women blended and mixed these ten lipstick shades, they were able to create a huge number of wearable shades. In 1991 in New York at Bergdorf Goodman, Bobbi Brown introduced her new Essentials brown-based lipstick line and in 1995, Estee Lauder bought Bobbi Brown Cosmetics.

A bride needs to use the proper skin type moisturizer so she looks beautiful on her wedding day. She should start with Bobbi Brown Cosmetics hydrating, lightweight eye cream that smoothes her skin and follow with a concealer and skin hydrating moisturizer. To get any skin type ready for a flawless, smooth makeup application is a face base that is vitamin enriched. Some Bobbi Brown Cosmetics tips and products that make a woman look beautiful are:

• As a woman changes over the years, so should her makeup, skincare products and skincare regimen because her skincare needs change.
• It is important to keep your skin hydrated so it does not become lackluster and dull. Bobbi Brown Cosmetics hydrating face cream, which is dermatologist-tested, replenishes the moisture the skin looses daily. Formulated with a natural extract called kuku nut oil, which softens skin, and a hydrating botanical called alga extract, hydrating cream helps the makeup go on smoothly.
• To remove waterproof and longwearing lip and eye makeup, Bobbi Brown Cosmetics instant long-wear makeup remover is extra gentle and leaves people’s lips and eyes refreshed and clean. Opthalmologist and dermatologist tested, it is safe anyone that wears contacts.
• Bobbi Brown Cosmetics makeup palettes are a wonderful way to customize your blush and eye shadow. There is also a face palette that holds lip shimmer, lip color, foundation stick or cream blush stick. These palettes are easy to carry, come with a handy mirror, with the makeup sold separately.

Bobbi Brown Cosmetics provide women with high quality products that meet their needs.

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