The Many Benefits of Mineral Cosmetics

Mineral cosmetics are a revolutionary, new, safe, natural type of cosmetic that has become very popular with women everywhere over the last few years. Many dermatologists believe mineral cosmetics, with their natural composition, are a technical advance over the traditionally available cosmetics. Mineral cosmetics with rejuvenating and healing properties are prepared from inorganic pigments and natural mineral compounds such as iron, zinc, titanium dioxide, and mica. They use these natural components to make a huge array of cosmetic products ranging from eye creams to talcum powder. Some of the many advantages and benefits you gain from using mineral cosmetics include:

• Mineral cosmetics are not waterproof but they are water resistant so should hold up in the rain, from sweating, or other damp situations by just dabbing off the excess water.
• Mineral cosmetics like liquid foundation look very natural and never leave marks or lines. It also looks great because you can mix the colors to match your skin.
• They feel and look exotic, do not cause skin inflammation so is non-allergic and have no harmful chemicals and residues that could damage your skin.
• Iron oxides and titanium dioxide are mineral cosmetics basic properties, which have great adhesion, binding to the skin well so they remain on a persons body without rubbing or wearing off. They contain no waxes or oils and are water-soluble so this makeup is easy to remove.
• Most brands of mineral makeup will not irritate or cause acne. Some people that consistently use mineral makeup find that after using the mineral cosmetic products for a while, their skin actually starts to clear up. If a brand of mineral makeup used does irritate your acne, it is usually the rice powder/ cornstarch or bismuth oxychloride, so find a different brand of mineral cosmetics that does not use those ingredients.
• Mineral cosmetics have oil-absorbing intrinsic properties that are excellent for oily skin. These ingredients can be problematic on dry skin but there are special formulations available made specifically for people with dry skin that work well.
• Choosing a brand of mineral cosmetics is personal preference as it depends upon things such as, what products you want, price vs. quantity, color selection, customer service, and ingredients.

The benefit of mineral cosmetics seems almost endless. There is suitable makeup and cosmetics for everyone including those with sensitive skin and various other skin ailments such as clogged pores, dryness, pimples, and acne. In addition, with its lighter texture, mineral cosmetics offer a natural, translucent look.

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