Benefit Cosmetics Keep You Smiling As You Shop

In 1970, after graduating from Indiana University, twin sisters Jean and Jane headed to San Francisco in pursuit of acting and modeling careers and landed roles in a series of bath product commercials. This got the sisters interested in starting their own unique makeup boutique and in 1976 opened The Face Place in San Francisco’s Mission District. Because of their passion for cosmetics, wacky sense of humor, and originality, The Face Place because an instant success and its original products had humorous names such as ‘ooh la lift’, ‘lip plump’, and ‘benetint’. People could not resist these products and wanted more, so the twins opened a second boutique. In 1990, the name The Face Place changed to Benefit cosmetics and it was not long afterward that Benefit cosmetics opened its first department store counter in New York. The world soon took notice as Benefit cosmetics branched out internationally becoming hugely popular due to the excellent products, their unique fun, wacky humor and originality, which turned Benefit cosmetics into a sensation.

In 1999, a Paris based world premier provider of luxury goods acquired Benefit cosmetics and with a strategic partnership based on innovation and excellence, formed a natural alliance. Benefit cosmetics now has over six hundred and fifty counters worldwide including Taiwan, the Middle East, United Kingdom, Korea, Ireland, Hong Kong, Germany, France, Canada, and Australia. Today, Benefit cosmetics continue to grow in leaps and bounds with its fabulous, unique, fun products, catalogs and internet availability.

Some of Benefit cosmetics products include:

• Benetint – This original waterproof rose-colored lip and cheek tint provides a wonderful, natural glow to your face and lips.
• Maybe baby eau de toilette – Maybe baby is a flirtatious, romantically spirited, sparkling fragrance that smells fabulous and lasts all day.
• Maybe baby body lotion – A delicately scented, light moisturizer, this shimmering, silky body lotion leaves your skin feeling delicately scented and wonderful.
• Thrrob – This fabulous pulse-racing pink face powder is a best seller that imitates your body’s natural flush when excited. A little applied lightly to your chin, forehead, and cheekbones will make heads turn.
• The best of benefit: beauty bag essentials – This beautiful bag of essential Benefit cosmetics are another best seller, a great value, and contain a brightening eye pencil, curling, lengthening, lifting mascara, and a great bronzer blush suitable for any complexion.

Benefit cosmetics have fresh solutions and wonderful products with funny names such as ‘touch me then try to leave’ cream, ‘dear john’ moisturizer, ‘do it daily’ and ‘body so fine’ that will keep you smiling as you shop.

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