MAC Baking Beauties Makeup Collection

The collection is inspired by Marie Antoinette-esque frosted confections, with pastel coloured products with some mouth-watering names and some beautiful campaign imagery.

With frosting style colours and delicious formulations this is a bang-on trend summer look that is feminine and sweet without being twee. One of the highlights of the collection for me is the Pearlmatte Face Powder. Designed with a cupcake pattern, there are two shades, In for a Treat and Pink Buttercream, both of which look good enough to eat.

Also featured are the always popular Pro Longwear Paint Pots ,in five delicious shades including Fancy Frosting, Mooncake and Éclair, while the Nail Laquer, continues the theme with names like Confectionary – a gorgeous light bluey pink – and Pistachio Crème – a lovely light teal mint.

When it comes to lipstick,for this look you can either go super pale with a shade like Pure Decoration, a light white peach shade, or ultra dark and dramatic with something like Devil’s Food – a glossy deep plum.

If you don’t want to go for a lipstick, the Mineralize Tinted Lip Balm, will keep your lips kissably smooth while sticking to the baking and candy coloured theme. There are four gorgeous shades available including Baking Beauty, a creamy light peach colour, and Sweet Tooth, a lovely creamy lilac.

For the icing on the cake why not add some Glitter,  to your look. There are two shades available Reflects Transparent Teal and Pink, both of which will add a lustrous shimmer.

Most of the products in this range are limited edition and all of them can be used in conjunction with items already in your make-up kit. Some of the colours are very of the moment but once you buy them you will wear them to death. If you want to wear these shades into next season then go for the darker, more neutral colours in the Paint Pots or Lipstick as they will see you right through. The key to this look is fun. Just think icing and candy colours and you can’t go wrong.

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