Smashbox Cosmetics

In 1991 in Los Angeles, entrepreneurial brothers Davis and Dean Factor, makeup icon Max Factors great grandsons, opened Smashbox Photo Studios. It quickly became a very popular place for famous photographers and the models and celebrities they were shooting. Models, makeup artists and other famous people passing through Smashbox Photo Studios asked Davis and Dean on an almost daily basis by if they could create a makeup line that was professional quality but looked great and remained on their faces under harsh conditions such as sweat and heat. In 1996, business guru Dean and his brother David, a fashion photographer and leading celebrity, started Smashbox Cosmetics. They had access to great expert advice from product testers and makeup artists training and working at Smashbox Cosmetics. Their goal was to create a makeup line for use by makeup artists and a user-friendly makeup line for everyone else to enjoy. From sleek packaging to unique products, Smashbox Cosmetics is perfect for actors, makeup artists, everyday women, and people in between. People no longer have to worry about sweating off or smearing their makeup on the set or street.

Smashbox Cosmetics shows consumers that paying a little more for excellent quality products they use on a daily basis is well worth the money. They may be a little more expensive but Smashbox Cosmetics outperform drug store and department store cheaper brands. The amazing quality of their packaging and products makes people feel as though they belong to an elite group. One trip to the women’s room at the opera or special event will have others noticing your Smashbox Cosmetics and trying to hide their cheaper brands.—

Whether it is your everyday staple makeup or a seasonal makeup trend, Smashbox Cosmetics have the products necessary for a close up of your skin. Some of their many products are:

• Smashbox Cosmetics photo finish foundation primer is silky blend of antioxidants and vitamins, which perfects and smoothes the skin, filling the pores and fine lines for a flawless complexion.
• The versatile eye shadow trio by Smashbox Cosmetics is three perfectly color coordinated shades that are hypoallergenic, long wearing and include a contour color, base shade, and highlighter.
• Glow Getter gives your skin a rosy blush as the goji berry C-complex activates from the skins moisture. Your personal skin chemistry reacts with the Glow Getter clear gel creating your natural shade of blush regardless of skin tone.

Smashbox Cosmetics collection of longwearing primer, foundation, eyeliner, eyeshadow, and lip-gloss are perfect on a movie set, photo shoot, or for everyday life.

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